In September, members of the proEVLifeCycle consortium attended The Norwegian Cancer Symposium in Oslo. This was the 8th in the bi-annual series of meetings organized by the Institute for Cancer Research of Oslo University Hospital. This year, the emphasis of the symposium was on precision medicine in prostate cancer. The program consisted of four sessions focusing on the implementation of molecular tests in the clinic and their potential to enable precision medicine, pitfalls and opportunities in biomarker discovery and the impact of the tumor microenvironment in precision medicine. The proEVLifeCycle network coordinator, G. Jenster, was among the keynote speakers and presented an engaging talk on European scientific frameworks and the modern approaches to science as a collaborative endeavour. Four proEVLifeCycle early stage researchers attended the symposium and showcased their PhD work involving biomarker discovery across different stages of prostate cancer as part of the poster presentation session. Overall, the symposium provided a unique and inspiring setting for scientific dissemination and networking between researchers, clinicians and industry leaders in the field of prostate cancer.