Host institution: CIC bioGUNE, Asociacion Centro de Investigacion Cooperative en Biociencias, Derio, Spain
Host department: Laboratory of Exosomes. Metabolism and Cell Signaling in Disease program
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Juan M. Falcón-Perez

Project description
The project will study the impact that EVs have over cellular metabolism. EVs carry active metabolic enzymes with the potential to have a huge impact in the metabolism of the organism. Several groups including ours, have shown that EVs may enzymatically modify the extracellular environment, and also the metabolism of the cells that internalize the vesicles. The effects of these activities and the underlying mechanisms are greatly unknown, and constitute the main research line of the CIC bioGUNE´s Exosomes laboratory. In particular, the project will be focused on the role that EVs has on prostate cancer metabolism, in both, the establishment and progression of the disease. In addition, EVs are very attractive as biological source to identify low invasive disease biomarkers. Thus, in the project urinary EVs will also be studied by using different isolation and characterization methods in order to find sensitive and specific low invasive markers for diagnosis and classification of prostate cancer. During the curse of the project, the ESR will acquire expertise in different cell biology and biochemistry techniques, as well as, proteomics and metabolomics technologies in combination with bioinformatics analysis.

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